Welcome to the All New Intrepid Editing!

Hello! I am so happy to present the new face of Intrepid Editing. My hope is that the new site gives you a better idea of who I am and what I can offer you.

I want to help YOU look great, whether that’s through fixing any typos or ensuring your entire website is consistent and clear.

But I’m not some grammar stickler who’s going to make your every sentence 100% proper (and 100% boring). Sentence fragments? Bring ’em on! Ending a sentence in a preposition? Sometimes you have to. My goal is to ensure your voice (or your client’s) is clear. In fact, my goal is to help make your copy perfect — for you! It is never, ever to put my mark on your copy.

So take a look around the new site. See if there’s a package or service that suits you. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

As for the site, I couldn’t have done this without several fantastic people. Erika from erikaholmes.com wrote all the words on this site and gave me goosebumps galore (seriously, check out the About page for her tear-worthy copy). Sacred from Moon Reflections Photography created the fabulous images on this site and made me feel comfortable in front of a camera for probably the first time. And Greg from greggall.com created and designed the all new IntrepidEditing.com. Thank you all!

— Lisa