Intrepid Editing Under Construction Until June 1

When I started Intrepid Editing in earnest, it was out of necessity. I’d just been laid off after nearly seven years at an agency, and I needed more work. I’d done some light freelance before creating the website, but never really tried to make it work as a full-time business.

All that has changed. Intrepid Editing isn’t my side gig anymore; it’s my business and my passion. And this rudimentary page that I created myself with WordPress … well, it’s about to be retired. But don’t worry, a new site is right on the horizon, and the home port will remain the same.

Thanks to freelance colleagues, I’m on the way to something truly great. Branding experts and photographers and web designers, all experts in their field, are currently working behind the scenes to help me showcase what I can do for you.

I’m absolutely available in the meantime, and the editing side of the business won’t change, but make sure you check back on June 1 to see what’s new. You won’t be disappointed.