Give your clients the best from you … with me.

(because even the best writers and editors need editors)

You know that sinking feeling …

when you’ve just hit send or publish on that email, blog post or client project and the weight of a deadline is finally off your shoulders. You sit back and wait for glowing feedback and fire emojis … only to receive that well-meaning email, text or direct message from a friend, or worse, a client:

“I thought you’d want to know … there’s <insert totally preventable mistake here> in the third paragraph.”


The good news is these embarrassing, imposter syndrome–inducing moments are totally preventable.

Fresh Eyes

All you need is a fresh set of eyes with 20 years of experience saving ambitious writers like you from grammatical goofs, choppy sentences and repetitive language.

How It Works

You write. I edit.

You focus on persuasion. I’ll focus on punctuation.

You do the part you love and leave the nitty gritty is-this-comma-in-the-right-place part to me.


I specialize in …

The SOS Edit (aka Developmental Editing)

You have a decent draft, but it’s falling flat and you’re not sure why. I’ll dive in and shine a light on where you could make your copy clearer, stronger and more concise.

Big-Picture Editing (aka Copy-Editing)

Your copy is 90% there, but you’ve read your draft so many times your eyes are crossed. I’ll check (then check again) for grammar, tone, and voice, and make sure each section flows, so you can move on to your next project.

Final Sweep (aka Proofreading)

Your work here is done and you’re ready to hit send so you can send out that final invoice. But you know there might be some stray commas and other minor slips here and there. I’ll make sure the copy is ready for print, whether that’s online, in a brochure or on a billboard.

Rates start at $50/hour and I’m fast.

Really fast.

Ready to relax on the pool deck* while I make your copy client-ready?

*pina coladas and colorful umbrellas not included