I spy with my eagle eye …

typos you'll unconsciously glaze over no matter how many times you read them.

a word, phrase or segue you’ve used three times in the same piece.

unclear wording or messaging that could cause you to confuse and lose your reader.

Your Co-captain

As your behind-the-scenes copy co-captain, I’m the second set of experienced eyes every writer and content creator needs to put their best words forward.

Hi! I’m Lisa. I started my career on a completely different course, editing breaking news, community profiles and features for newspapers.

Over the past 20 years, a series of twists, turns, and yes, a few storms, have led me to where I am today.

I’ve been at the editing helm of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Tampa Bay Times, book publishers, award-winning creative agencies, and big-name brands including Walmart, Kraft, Johnson & Johnson, CVS, and more.

But this, owning my own business, is by far my favorite adventure yet.



I edit copy for clients small and large, from freelance copywriters to multinational corporations. I love what I do, from the first brainstorm to the final proofread.

As for the name and not-so-subtle nautical nuances?

I’m almost as obsessed with shipwrecks as I am about perfect copy. Since I was a little girl growing up near the shores of Lake Superior’s infamous Shipwreck Coast (interesting fact: the Great Lakes have claimed more than 10,000 ships), I’ve been fascinated by shipwrecks. My dream was to write a novel about a ship. I was going to name that ship “Intrepid.”

Well … this is my ship.

Welcome aboard.

As for the lighthouse logo, it was a happy accident that the letter “i” with three underlines (proofreader marks for “capitalize”) looked like a lighthouse. So I ran with it.

When I’m not (unannoyingly) policing grammar or researching new shipwreck findings, you’ll find me lounging with my husband and two dogs (Booger and Shiner), playing with FX makeup or planning my next trip to Ireland (Guinness in hand, obviously).

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