Shine the spotlight on your epic talent (not epic typos)

With editing that helps you steer clear of Titanic-size typos, choppy sentences and other credibility-crushing errors before you hit “send” or “publish.”

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Grammatical errors can cost you credibility and money. Your copy team can be the best in the business … but if they’re editing their own work, I can almost guarantee you’re letting mistakes and inconsistencies out the door. I’ll make sure every piece of content you create is polished and perfectly punctuated, so your customers and clients trust the quality of your services and products.


You’ve promised your client powerful copy that connects and converts. With me as part of your signature process, you’re free to focus on writing words that sell. I’ll be the set of fresh eyes you need to make sure that draft you’ve read 100 times is crystal clear, well-organized and as close to perfect as possible before you make your big reveal.


Ready to run a tighter copy ship?

Lisa Haiss | Editor for creatives and copywriters